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grOw/cOmics    Full-color expansion cOmics featuring breast expansion (BE), giantess, lactation, penis expansion, ass expansion, and other growth fetishes.

“Milking the Plot”
grOw/cOmic #6

Cheerleaders in a dairy barn,
and their breasts begin to grow.

The Hollarin' Huskies cheerleader team,
while attempting a wager to score with the one
male on the team, suddenly find their
breasts growing for unknown reasons.

Breast expansion
Nipple expansion
Sexual situations

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“grOwing Appreciation”
grOw/cOmic #5

Curvacious and huge,
a giantess steals the show.

As his girlfriend grows into a giantess,
Jack is torn between his GTS-lust and protecting
her from others with similar interests.

Breast expansion
Ass expansion
Strong sexual situations

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“grOwing Desires”
grOw/cOmic #4

Rampant and wide-ranging expansion
in a women's dorm.

While in his girlfriend's dorm, Jon runs into,
and interacts with, a bevy of expanding beauties. What will his girlfriend think?

Breast expansion
Ass/hip Expansion
Penis Expansion
Pussy expansion
Female muscle growth
Strong sexual situations

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“an inconvenient grOwth”
grOw/cOmic #3

BE in an elevator. No room to grOw.
Things are going to get tight.

After being exposed to an unknown chemical,
Julie's breasts begin to grow... and grow...
and GROW. However, the space in the
elevator is getting smaller and smaller.

Breast expansion
Strong sexual situations

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grOw/cOmic #2

Water. Swimsuits.
BE and mini-GTS.

Jack pours the growth formula into the pool
at the women's swimming practice.
But the more he tries to control the chaos that ensues, the more they all lose control.

Breast expansion
Penis Expansion
Strong sexual situations

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“Milk Farm”
grOw/cOmic #1

a huge 52-page,
lactation tour de force

A super lactation formula.
A husband and wife who test its effects.
Desires gone wild beyond control.

What's not to love?

Breast expansion
strong sexual situations

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